About Us

Shoyu Drip Mission Statement
ShoyuDrip is a small group of artists and designers who want to raise awareness and appreciation of asian culture using art, design, humor and food.  To do this we create comfortable, affordable and cool streetwear that that features art with a dash of Japanese flavor.
We also believe in community and love helping people connect. We do this by designing clothes can start up a conversation with a kindred soul.
So help share the sauce, try one of our great feeling t-shirts today and support a small business that is working to spread love, not hate. 
Shoyu: Soy Sauce   •    Drip: Cool New Clothes or Threads
This small family-run business is based in Southern California and founded by Rob and Megan Tsuyuki. They share a love for Japanese culture, food and design as well as great looking and feeling apparel. Shoyu Drip is their newest venture. They are also founders of an athletic apparel company named INKnBURN.
Rob Tsuyuki
Last seen at the Edge of the Galaxy, photos of this founding member of Shoyu Drip are rare. Always on the move to keep the new ideas coming, this father of 2 art directs, fixes, creates and problem solves like a maniac. Passions are his kids, JDM cars, great design, streetwear and golf. Raised in Southern California, his parents were both in the internment camps as kids. Wanting to fit in, Japanese culture wasn't a priority in his upbringing, after their families lost everything during their detainment. He has since made it a mission to incorporate Japanese design, culture and food into his life and to pass that passion along to his kids. Both of whom are studying Japanese, love anime and design!
Megan Tsuyuki
Born in a small town in Oklahoma. She escaped as soon as possible to see the world first as a ballet dancer and later as an interactive designer and speaker. Dedicated to getting more art out in the world for people to see and enjoy, she also loves learning and sharing stories about the meaning and thought behind it. Since meeting Rob in '96, she has loved learning about Japanese art, culture, food and design with him and their two kids. She works hard to be a great mom, good business partner and is also a passionate advocate for daily exercise and mostly healthy eating ;-)
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