About Us

Shoyu Drip Mission Statement
Shoyu: Soy Sauce   •    Drip: Cool New Clothes or Threads
ShoyuDrip lives in the place where Japanese and American culture meet. Artists and designers, we are always looking for new and different ways to add that dash of Japanese flavor to iconic pieces designed to be the ones you reach for again and again.
We also believe in community and love helping people connect. We do this by designing clothes that often start up a conversation with a kindred soul.
This small family-run business is based in Southern California and founded by Rob and Megan Tsuyuki. They share a love for their two kids, Japanese culture, food and design as well as creating clothes that make you look and feel great. 
Rob Tsuyuki
 With a background in graphic design and video, Rob has also always loved fashion. Raised in Southern California, his parents were both in the internment camps as kids. Wanting to fit in, Japanese culture wasn't a priority in his upbringing, after their families lost everything during their detainment. He was raised to fit in, not to be proud of being asian american.
He has since made it a mission to incorporate Japanese design, culture and food into his life and business, as well as, pass that passion along to their kids. Both of whom have studied Japanese, love anime and design!
Megan Tsuyuki
Fascinated with Japanese art and design since childhood, Megan's first trip to Japan was with Rob when they started dating. She has loved encouraging their kids to embrace their Japanese heritage in the entertainment and apparel they choose. An artist herself, who loves the nuance of color and how that effect emotions, she loves keeping the business and creative flow running smoothly. Offering well-made, comfortable apparel that celebrates asian american culture is part of how she wants to make the world a better place for her kids.
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