Japanese Scrambled Eggs

Japanese Scrambled Eggs

This was the recipe for scrambled eggs that I got my kids to eat when they wouldn't eat eggs any other way. To this day, they still love this dish! Super simple and surprisingly tasty.

Whisk in some shoyu, (soy sauce) and sugar before adding to your pan. It adds a wonderfully sweet and savory flavor to a very simple dish! Sprinkle on some Furikake, (dried seaweed sprinkles), and serve over rice and you've got a great breakfast that will last you all day!

Whisk together:

• 4 Scrambled Eggs

• 2 Tsp Shoyu or Soy Sauce

• 3 Tsp Sugar

Add butter to your skillet and cook eggs like you usually would. You can adjust amount of Shoyu and Sugar to your liking. If you have any Bachans Teriyaki Sauce you can use that for speed in place of the sugar and shoyu. We love that stuff too!

Serve over Japanese short grain rice and sprinkle on your favorite furikake! (Serves 2)

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