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How to use our Furoshiki to wrap wine or a gift.

Furoshiki is a piece of wrapping cloth or fabric which can be used for gift wrapping, fashion, decor, or transporting items. The craft originated in Japan as early as 719 B.C. during the Nara period, where cloths - then called tsutsumi (= package; present) - were used to wrap important good and treasures.
Pronounced foo-ROH-shee-kee, the word breaks down to mean 'bath spread. ' In its earliest days, furoshiki was used by noble families and feudal lords to wrap their clothes when visiting the public baths.
The basic wrap...
To wrap one or two wine bottles and have a small loop at the top to carry it by, follow these instructions...
How to wrap a wine bottle image
We currently offer two different designs for our Furoshiki, Cat Wave and Cat & Vine. You can purchase them Here or you get the option of adding one to your Happi Hoodie order if you'd like it delivered wrapped! 
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