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Crossbody Bag

This Black Denim Kanoko Crossbody Bag, like us, is a wonderful mix of American and Japanese. The black denim is all American with accents of Japanese Diamond shaped dots or Kanoko, and a wonderful pop of an imported Japanese butterfly fabric for the pen pocket. This bag works for every gender and style. It is perfect for travel and keeping your belongings in front of you with you passport secured in one of the zipper pockets. And you can still wear a backpack on your back with it!

This labor-intensive, handcrafted piece follows the tradition of Mottainai, finding ways to save and re-use what has value. It honors the effort, time and labor of what went into making the original materials and gives them new life, creating something you can feel great about wearing.

Details include:

  • Phone pocket with snap
  • Butterfly pen pocket
  • Open pocket great for tissues, receipts or a mask
  • Large Zipper pocket with Circle Pull
  • Even larger zipper pocket along top length of bag, great for your wallet
  • Two loops perfect a carabiner holding keys, sunglasses or anything else you want to hook on.
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