Where Did INKnBURN Go?

A warm welcome to INKnBURN fans. After what we hope was plenty of warning for you, we finally had to close down the INKnBURN site and you are now at our new site named ShoyuDrip.

Since all our designs have always had a dash of Japanese flavor, the name ShoyuDrip better represents our style.

Shoyu = Soy Sauce & Drip = Slang for cool new clothes

What's great about ShoyuDrip?

• Most of our designs are Made to Order, so you can always get your size!

• More every day clothing like Tshirts and Hoodies that you can wear anytime for anything.

• We offer yoga apparel, gear and swim wear

• We have bucket hats, totes and blankets!

• Limited edition Mottainai pieces that feature INB art!

Our original mission, of creating art that will lift your spirits and brighten the day of those who see you, hasn't changed.

We will still be here at ShoyuDrip.com creating unique art, vibrant color, meaningful and unique designs you can't find anywhere else.

And, most of all have fun shopping for pieces specifically designed to bring you joy and make you feel GREAT!

- Megan and Rob Tsuyuki

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